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Ensure a Quick Home Sale by Allowing More Showings

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by zac folsom

How to Sell Your Home Fast: Valuable Tips and Personal Stories

Are you struggling to sell your home quickly? Don't worry, you're not alone. Many homeowners face challenges when it comes to getting their property off the market swiftly. In this blog post, we'll explore a video transcript that sheds light on common mistakes that hinder a fast sale. We'll also delve into personal stories of homes located on roads like Westnedge and Stadium Drive that faced difficulties in selling promptly. But fear not, because we'll also provide you with proven tips to ensure a speedy and successful sale of your home.

Picture of Zac Folsom, Realtor, explaining the importance of multiple showings for a fast home sale

The Number One Obstacle: Denying Showings

Imagine this scenario: potential buyers are eager to visit your home, but you keep denying every showing request that comes your way. It’s no wonder your home is not selling fast. According to real estate data, denying showings is one of the primary reasons why homes tend to linger on the market longer than expected. The key to a fast sale is to be accommodating and flexible with potential buyers’ schedules.

Timing is Everything

A common mistake made by sellers is restricting showings to a specific two-hour window on a Thursday night. While it may seem convenient for you, it severely limits the number of buyers who can view your home. As a result, your home stays on the market for an extended period. Real estate statistics show that homes with limited showing availability tend to have a slower selling process

Personal Stories: Buyers Buying Other Homes

Let me tell you two cautionary tales that highlight the importance of allowing buyers to view your home. In one instance, there was a seller who adamantly refused any showings, convinced that her home was perfect and didn’t need any potential buyers walking through. Unfortunately, this approach backfired, and her home remained unsold for an entire year. By denying showings, she missed out on numerous interested buyers, causing frustration and financial strain as her property languished on the market.

In another unfortunate case, a seller declined a showing request from a cash buyer who was highly motivated and ready to make an immediate offer. However, the seller was apprehensive and preferred to wait for what they believed would be a better offer. Little did they know, while they rejected the showing, the cash buyer quickly moved on and purchased another property that met their needs. Weeks later, the seller was left with regret as they settled for a lesser offer, realizing that they had missed out on a prime opportunity.

These stories serve as reminders that denying showings or disregarding interested buyers can have lasting consequences. Being open and accommodating to potential buyers allows for more opportunities and increases the chances of attracting the right offer. So, when it comes to showings, consider the long-term implications and be receptive to interested buyers, as you never know who might be the one to make a compelling offer that leads to a successful sale.

Pro Tip: Open Houses for Maximum Exposure

Now, here’s a game-changing pro tip: consider hosting an open house at the end of the weekend. This strategy allows all potential buyers who have shown interest throughout the week to view your home in one fell swoop. By providing a convenient opportunity for buyers to see your property, you create a sense of urgency and generate increased interest. Real estate experts report that open houses can significantly speed up the selling process.

Additionally, hosting an open house at the end of the weekend offers another advantage that sellers often overlook. By consolidating multiple showings into one designated period, you minimize the need to vacate your house frequently. Instead of constantly arranging individual showings and temporarily relocating, you can prepare your home once for the open house and be ready to welcome a stream of interested buyers throughout the designated time. This not only saves you the hassle of multiple disruptions but also allows for maximum buyer exposure, as potential buyers who might have missed individual showings during the week now have the opportunity to walk through your home in a single visit. It’s a win-win situation that balances convenience for you as the seller and accessibility for interested buyers. So, consider leveraging the power of open houses to streamline the showing process, optimize your time, and attract the maximum number of potential buyers to achieve that fast sale you desire.

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