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This Program Could Mean Actually Getting a Home

The Home Plus program is perfect for any buyer that’s looking to get a conventional loan at a great rate, affordable closing costs, and the lowest down payment in Kalamazoo. If you want more information fill out the form below.

Unique Lending Opportunity in Kalamazoo, MI

This 0% DownPayment program is unique to Lake Michigan Credit Union and offers 0% down Conventional options to buyers looking to get a leg up in this competitive market.

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0% DownPayment

About Home Plus

Here’s everything you need to know about the Lake Michigan Credit Union Home Plus program.

*For well-qualified borrowers. **Property must be purchased with the Zac Folsom Group as the broker. ***Property must be located in a Census Demographic reporting a tract income level of either low or moderate and/or a tract minority percentage of either 50.01% or higher.

“I wouldn't have gotten my house without using the Home Plus program
Working with both Dennis Brown and Zac Folsom was such a seamless experience, and they were the only team to get our offer accepted."
Cal + Monica, 2023 Homeowners
“I was losing every offer I made until I used the Home Plus program
with Lake Michigan Credit Unions Home Plus Program I was able to get my offer accepted and even saved a little on my monthly payment. ”
Jen, 2023 New Homeowner
“I wouldn't be a homeowner without Home Plus
Zac and Dennis helped make my homeownership dreams possible in record time with the Home Plus program.
Matt, 2023 Homeowner
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