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About Zac Folsom

Zac Folsom with the Zac Folsom Group at eXp Realty

Zac Folsom

REALTOR® | Associate Broker | #6501384937


How He Got Started

Zac’s journey in real estate began in 2014 when a fellow REALTOR® invited him to join the industry. At the time, Zac was searching for an investment property in the Kalamazoo area, and the agent he was working with recognized his potential as a real estate agent.

Fortunately, she was absolutely right.

Starting off as a solo agent, Zac completed a few transactions before transitioning to a small team at a local RE/MAX. This change allowed him to assist more individuals in purchasing homes and forge lasting friendships along the way.

In 2016, Zac made a move to a different team at Keller Williams. This experience provided him with valuable knowledge about various business incentives, which he has since implemented in his own practice. Working extensively with buyers during this period, Zac played a pivotal role in helping people find their ideal homes and solidified his position as a trusted agent in their lives.

Time Managing Sales

In 2017, Zac embarked on an ambitious endeavor to contribute to the expansion of a small boutique brokerage, working closely with his former team leader. In this capacity, Zac assumed the responsibility of guiding agents in providing effective assistance to clients in their buying and selling endeavors. Additionally, he prioritized the creation of a supportive work environment for agents, aiming to achieve the highest level of client satisfaction.

Throughout this period, Zac’s oversight extended to approximately 500 transactions encompassing the areas of Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, and Battle Creek. His extensive involvement in these regions further enriched his expertise and understanding of the local real estate landscape.

Fully Independent

In 2019, following the conclusion of a successful business partnership, Zac made the decision to establish his own venture and joined eXp Realty. His initial focus was on assisting numerous investors in making sound buying and selling choices for house flipping ventures. It was during this time that he started formulating a vision to empower even more home buyers and sellers to build wealth through real estate.

One of the compelling reasons behind Zac’s choice to join eXp Realty was the remarkable agent culture it fostered, along with the opportunity to purchase company stock. Most significantly, it provided the means to connect clients with agents in any location they wished to purchase property.

After spending approximately one year at eXp Realty, Zac recognized that the most effective approach to educate more buyers on optimal home purchasing strategies was to consolidate the knowledge gained from hundreds of transactions into a book. This led to the creation of “Digital Age Homebuying” and marked the beginning of his journey to establish a knowledge base catering to first-time home sellers.

When the real estate market experienced an upturn due to the impact of Covid-19, Zac saw an opportunity to extend his assistance to an even larger number of individuals with their real estate needs. This motivated him to establish the Zac Folsom Group, a comprehensive real estate group dedicated to providing full-service support for all aspects of the real estate process.

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