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Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calulator

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Quick Mortgage Tips

1% Rate = $20,000

Getting a rate that's 1% higher usually is the same as paying $20,000 more for the same house.

Apply Around

You have a 45 day window from your first hard pull to shop with other lenders to make sure you get the best rate. BTW this is a Federal Law.

Try Brokers Too

Your bank may not have the best followup, rates, or even programs for you to purchase. Make sure to apply with at least one mortgage broker!

Never Too Early

Preapprovals are typically good for 90+ days and getting approved early can help you get a better rate or lower costs if the lender can help you more.

Calculate Instantly

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Downloadable Mortgage Sheet

If you’re interested in understanding how your mortgage will work and how you can save money in interest these sheets are perfect for someone looking to fully understand their monthly payments.