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Cash Offers in Kalamazoo, MI

Cash offers for homes within 2 hours of Kalamazoo, MI

Work With Someone That Professionally Buys Houses in Cash

Unlike other “cash-offer” buyers you may have seen on the internet we abide by 3 simple rules.

1. We always make a cash offer with a real closing date and we don’t try to sell the house to another person (wholesaling).

2. We NEVER default on our contract when signed by both parties*. 

3. We send over our range of offer before we set up a walkthrough so we don’t waste your time. 

It’s our goal that this is the easiest way for you to sell your home quickly. 

*for instant online offers we reserve the right to cancel the contract within 5 days of an accepted offer if the inspection is not satisfactory.

What Other Cash Buyers Do

Many online “Cash-Buyers” may actually be real estate investors known as “wholesalers.” These individuals aim to acquire properties at the lowest possible cost, intending to resell them to another cash buyer, all without closing on the property themselves. What does this mean for you? Well, quite often, they aren’t the ones providing you with the cash, and they could potentially make more money when they sell your home or assign the contract, even if you’re unaware of it.

Now, let’s contrast dealing with these “wholesalers” with getting a cash offer from us. Discover the difference before you accept an offer on your property!

Other "Cash" Offers

People that Will Waste Your Time

May Not Have Cash Available Immediately
May Try to Sell the House Without Closing (Assign a Contract)
Extremely Low Offers to Resell Without Fixing up Your Home
Misrepresents Your Properties Value
Lake of Transparency on Who is Going to Buy the House
Can Lie to You About the Value of Your Home
May Not Be Able to Get Financing
Commonly Delays or Extends Closing to Find a Buyer
Can Act Unethically and Doesn't Have a License
May not Do Due Diligence on the Next Buyer

Our Cash Offers

The Easier Solution

Make Cash Offers with Real Cash On Hand
Will Never Assign the Contract or Sell the Home Before We Buy It
Fair Priced Offers that Allow Us to Make Profit Flipping the Home
Won't Misrepresent the Value of Your Property
We are the ONLY Company that Will Buy Your House
Must Tell the Truth About Home Value
No Financing Needed Or New Buyer Needed
Will Close on The Closing Date of Your Choice
Has to Act Ethically
Has a License to Represent Real Estate Values

Getting Your Cash Offer

We have 3 options for you to get the best cash offer there is

Online Cash Offer

No Inspections

Lowest price but easiest offer to get. Just put in your address answer a few questions online and get an offer in hand within 48 hours. No talking on the phone and no hard sales tactics.

Online Cash Offer

5 Day Inspection

The easiest offer you’ll ever get. We’ll provide an online offer within 24 hours of your submission, schedule a walkthrough within 5 days. No cost and no obligation offer.

Cash Offer

In Person Walkthrough First

We set up the walkthrough on your time and terms. After walking through the house we’ll present you with a cash offer on the spot. We’ll hit any closing timeframe that you need. 

Perks of a Zac Folsom Group Cash Offer

A woman holding money up over her face with the words "cash now" at the bottom.

1. Cash Now Before Close

At Zac Folsom Group, we know that sometimes you’re in a position where you can’t wait 20 days to close on a home (even if it’s a cash transaction). So we came up with an easy solution to ensure that you’re able to maximize the effectiveness of our cash offers in Kalamazoo. 

We get your proceeds to you before closing!

If you own the home free and clear we’re also able to get a significant portion to you prior to closing. Think of it as a way to use the money you’re going to make before all the paperwork is done. 

2. Stay After Closing

Sometimes you need to sell your home ASAP but you’re not quite sure where you’re going to go next. In that situation, you may want to stay in the home after closing. 

We offer 2 unique solutions to sellers who need cash now but also need a little bit to move out. 

  1. Stay After Close – Sell and close on the home and retain possession of the home for up to 90 days! 
  2. Rent Back – Sell the home and rent it back to you. Stay in the home for an agreed upon period of time and an agreeable price!
A woman's hands selecting a date on a calendar with the words "easy move" on the picture.
A professional mover taping a box with the words "move fast" in the bottom right-hand corner.

3. Moving Assitance

We at the Zac Folsom Group know how hard moving can be, especially if you need to sell something with a lot of things in it. Our moving assistance program makes sure that you’re able to take the items that you want and leave the ones you dont. 

Our specialized process allows you to take all the items that you want from your house and leave the rest for us to throw out. 

We’re also able to help supply movers to get items out of your house for you, assist in finding a new home to purchase or rent, and even help you store the items that may not fit while you’re moving. Our all in one moving solution can help make your cash offer even better and help you to move faster.

4. All Offers "As-Is"

All of our cash offers, including the sight unseen offers, will be “as-is”. Meaning that as soon as you sign our offer you don’t need to do anything further to your house. We’ll take it in the current condition. 

That means that you can spend more time working on your next move as opposed to worrying about fixing up your current house. Here’s how it works with each different cash offer!

A crack in a home foundation held together with two pieces of duct tape, showing a state of disrepair.
Zac Folsom Group Preferred Mortgage Lenders

5. Financial Incentives

We make sure that all people who sell to us are able to make additional perks on top of selling their home quickly and for top dollar. If you’re looking for a company that goes above and beyond to make sure that our cash offers are great here are a couple of financial incentives that we offer that other companies don’t.

Cash Offers that Don't Waste Your Time

Don’t waste your time, don’t sell to unlicensed people, and make more money*

*We will match any competing offer and pay $100 more with proof of a written offer from a qualified investor paying with verified cash funds from a bank or non lending financial institution.