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Foreclosure Assistance Experts

You Can Sell Before Foreclosure

Foreclosure is a tough process and we at the Zac Folsom Group don’t want anybody to go through it alone. If you are about to start the foreclosure process or are in the middle of it – get in touch with our professional Real Estate Agents to prevent your home from getting foreclosed on. 

Any information shared is 100% confidential with no cost or obligation.

All Your Options to Prevent Foreclosure

Wherever you’re at in the process there’s tons of options that our agents provide. We help people in all stages of foreclosure and assist in preventing your credit from being affected, utilizing your home’s equity, and making sure that you have a home to live in. 

Sell Your Home

Cash + Market Prices

Even in foreclosure you're able to sell your home. Click on this box to see all your options for selling.

Sell Your House Quickly

Get a Cash Offer or get your home on the market in less than a week! Our experienced home sales team can ensure that you sell your home prior to getting foreclosed on. Don't let the bank steal your equity!

Sell My Home

Private Loans

Money in Days

Get access to our private lenders who are able to get short term solutions to keep your home.

Short Term Loans

These loans are typically high interest payments made to private lenders. If you're looking to keep your house this may be the best option.

Access Private Lenders

Short Sales

Avoid Credit Issues

If you owe more than the house will sell for a short sale may be your best option. This will allow you to sell & keep a higher credit rating than if you go into foreclosure.

How Short Sales Work

We will negotiate, utilizing our partners, with the bank on your behalf to sell for less than what you owe (instead of foreclosure). This will keep your credit higher and prevent you from paying any fees to us or the bank for the assitance.

Short Sale Help


Must Have High Equity

In rare cases you may be able to get a loan to refinance your home even though you've missed / are behind on payments

Talk to a Mortgage Specialist

Our mortgage partners will talk with you to see if refinancing is an option for your home.

Short Sale Help